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#DearDaniel, your devotion challenges me!

We’ll never know exactly what went through Daniel’s mind as he was being literally fed to the lions, but we do know what he was like outside of that den. He was a man of integrity who stood for truth and devotion to God. Read this story in Daniel Chapter 6. What really matters is not the trials we go through or the opposition we face in our pursuit of God’s best for us and our world, what matters is that we have the character and faith to show for it. God’s not looking for  strong people. He’s looking for available people through whom He can show His strength. Are you available? Cheers!

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#DearMary, the plan was simple...

  God is good. We’ve seen that play out in our lives and in the world. We get blessings we don’t deserve, when hard times come we always come through one way or another. Then why do we still find it hard to trust Him? Why do we hold on to our own ways of doing things; ways that don’t provide lasting peace for our restless souls? I realize that trust is hard for us. When we were children, we simply trusted the people in our lives. We believed our parents and teachers, even when some of them didn’t have good intentions or know what they we talking about. But then we grew up and lost our innocence. But God says...

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Welcome to Dear Bible People, your online encouragement store!

 My name is Remi Roy. I am a writer, author and the resident writer at DearBiblePeople.com. This idea behind #dearbiblepeople is to distill the lessons we can learn from Bible characters; those we know so well and those we may never have heard about. The content on here will encourage you to pick up the Bible for yourself and experience the life in it’s pages. The life lived by people just like you and I. No matter how long you’ve been reading the Bible, trust me you’ve yet to scratch the surface. And if you have never picked up one, hope this is a fun and informative way to get introduced to it’s contents. Thanks for stopping by, please check out the...

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