#DearPeter, His grace is sufficient for us!

Peter in the Bible

During our quiet time a few days ago my husband and I read from James 1:22 where the Apostle was teaching about the need to be doers of the word not hearers only. As a matter of fact he said if we do the latter we’re merely deceiving ourselves!

How many times have we heard God’s word, nodded in semi-deep thought because of the truth revealed, said amen to it then got up, walked out and never gave it a second practical thought, let alone apply it in our lives? For me? Too many times to count.

When we do this we deny the power in the word. We make the cares of this world of more importance than the word meant to rejuvenate us. But there’s hope.

Peter denied Jesus in the most devastating way possible. Yet Christ forgave him with such amazing and unconditional love. He forgives us too because He loves us and has given us all things for life and godliness.

We have it in us to live this godly life to the full. His grace is sufficient for us!



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