Framing ideas for your DBP cards and prints

Most greeting cards barely make it beyond spring cleaning. The lucky ones are stuck in between books, behind shelves or in an old box somewhere.

The great thing about our cards is that you will want to keep them around forever. The words of encouragement will pick you up on a dreary day, and are also sure to be great conversation starters.

If they're going to be around for a long time, why not frame them?

For the prints, it goes without saying; getting a beautiful frame will bring out the beauty of the print, and cheer up your home, office or any personal space.

Below are frame ideas you could use for your cards and prints.


 Framed cards

 DBP cards in 4x6 frames, Perfect for walls, desks and other flat surfaces.


Framed prints

8x10 DBP Print in dual size frame. Outer size is 11x14. Inner size is 8x10


 Frame ideas

11X14 DBP print in shadow box. Shadow boxes are perfect for pining cards in and holding appropriately size art like this.

frame ideas, shadow box

 DBP cards pinned in shadow box.


More framing ideas coming soon.

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