#DearZarephathLady, your faith and kindness encourages me!

Widow of Zarephath

It’s not the way of the world to give in order to receive, nor to humble yourself in order to be exalted. Things just don’t work that way in our selfish hurry-up-can’t-slow-down world. But in God’s kingdom that is the MO.

The lady from Zarephath faced a dilemma. There was a famine, she had ingredients to prepare just one more meal for her family before they succumbed to hunger and starvation. Then along came a man who needed food. What to do? To feed him or send him away hungry? To give away what she had or share it with someone who had nothing?

Our lady chose to believe that God would care for her like He said He would and also found it in her heart to show kindness even in the midst of her pain. And boy was she rewarded for it!

It might make sense to you to keep what you have but it works better to give it away and have it come back to you a hundred fold. Which would you prefer?

Kindness is a FOTS. Let’s live it out in our world and trust God to take care of our needs. He can do anything, but we have to believe.



*This post first appeared in Dearbiblepeople.wordpress.com

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