#DearElijah, I want to do great things too!

Elijah in the Bible

Ever felt like you didn’t have what it took to do something significant like someone else? Maybe you looked at your boss, your friends, your pastor or whoever and counted yourself out because you didn’t have their intelligence, charm, opportunities or drive.

Well, reading about Elijah in the Bible can make one wonder what kind of Christian you are. Elijah was bold, courageous and always ready to stand up for his faith. He was not afraid to speak and expect things to happen. He  lived simply, yet powerfully and he did amazing things.  The good news is we all can do that and even more.

James described Elijah as a man with a nature like ours… (James 5:17 ESV) This means, he was much like us in every way; human, with feelings, emotions and weaknesses just like us. But those things did not stop him from living powerfully. Why do we use them as excuses?

Ask yourself today, “what great things can I do to bring honor to God?” Then go do it. Even if you’re afraid. Action cures fear.

Let's get great at doing, instead of wondering.


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